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We are excited to announce that ​Dragonfly Retreat is now ​offering exclusive packages for ​influencers, speakers, and ​creatives looking to create ​professional video recordings. ​Our serene, self-built sanctuary ​provides the perfect backdrop ​for high-quality content ​creation. Explore our tailored ​packages to suit your needs:

3-Day Professional Video Recording ​Packages

Create One ​Professional ​Video

  • Day 1: Arrival and ​orientation. Settle into the ​beautiful surroundings of ​Dragonfly Retreat and enjoy a ​welcome tour.
  • Day 2: Full day dedicated to ​video recording with our ​professional on-site ​production team. Utilize our ​state-of-the-art equipment ​and stunning locations to ​bring your vision to life.
  • Day 3: Editing session and ​final touches. Wrap up your ​video project and enjoy a ​farewell gathering.

Create Two ​Professional ​Videos

  • Day 1: Arrival, orientation, ​and pre-production planning ​session. Get familiar with ​the retreat and prepare for ​your recording sessions.
  • Day 2: Record the first ​video. Our experienced team ​will assist you in capturing ​your best performance in our ​inspiring spaces.
  • Day 3: Record the second ​video and begin the editing ​process. End your stay with a ​relaxing evening in our ​tranquil surroundings.

Create Three ​Professional ​Videos

  • Day 1: Arrival, orientation, ​and in-depth pre-production ​meeting. Plan your recording ​schedule and explore the ​retreat.
  • Day 2: Record the first ​video. Dive into the creative ​process with our support.
  • Day 3: Record the second and ​third videos. Complete your ​recordings and begin the ​initial editing process. ​Celebrate your achievements ​with a closing ceremony.

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