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Step into the vibrant world of Ms King, a singer-​songwriter on a unique musical journey. Drawing ​inspiration from the iconic Amy Winehouse, Ms ​King captures the essence of soulful melodies ​and captivating vocals in her renditions of Amy ​Winehouse covers.

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Introducing a groundbreaking fusion of music and artistry, Ms. King embarks on a revolutionary journey in the realm of NFTs. ​As she gracefully steps away from traditional music platforms, Ms. King pioneers a new era where her soulful melodies are ​intricately interwoven with her visual artistry as NFTs on OpenSea.

In this avant-garde approach, Ms. King's musical creations seamlessly coalesce with her artistic expressions, ​transforming each song into a masterpiece encapsulated within a unique NFT. These digital tokens become not just ​pieces of art but a gateway to experiencing the soul-stirring melodies and profound lyricism crafted by Ms. King.

Exploring uncharted territories, Ms. King redefines the way audiences engage with her music. Each NFT represents ​more than just a digital artifact; it embodies a symphony of emotions, a tapestry of stories, and a vessel for personal ​connection with the artist's essence.

To acquire Ms. King's transcendent songs, aficionados must acquire a piece of her art on OpenSea, where each NFT ​unlocks a melodic journey of unparalleled depth and emotion. Alternatively, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in ​the live experience at Ms. King's captivating shows, where her enchanting vocals bring her compositions to life with a ​raw, authentic energy that resonates with audiences.

Join Ms. King on this extraordinary odyssey where music transcends boundaries and artistry knows no limits. ​Embrace the harmony of sound and visuals, and discover a universe where the essence of Ms. King's artistry is ​encapsulated in each NFT, waiting to be unlocked by those who seek to immerse themselves in a world where music ​and art unite in perfect harmony.


Immerse yourself in an ​unforgettable ​performance that ​blends the timeless ​allure of Amy ​Winehouse

Mskingnco distinctive style and creativity. From soulful classics to modern​ interpretations, each note resonates with passion and artistry.


Red Curved Wave


Music Rewards





Amy Winehous ​Tribute


Amy Winehouse ​Tribute


Till its Gone

Written By Msking

But there's a twist to this tribute—interspersed among the ​familiar melodies are MS King's own original compositions, ​never before heard by the world. In a bold move, she ​dedicates her platform to those yearning to experience her ​soul-baring artistry, ensuring that these hidden gems remain ​exclusive to dedicated listeners who seek a more intimate ​connection.

These unreleased songs, crafted from the depths of MS King's ​experiences, won't be found on mainstream media platforms. ​Instead, they find a home in the hearts of those who join her ​on this musical journey—a journey that transcends boundaries ​and seeks to touch souls in ways only music can.

What A difference A dAY mADE

Immersing yourself in MS King's enchanting ​jazz and blues repertoire is like embarking on ​a soulful journey through time and emotion. ​Her mesmerizing vocals breathe new life into ​beloved classics, effortlessly intertwining ​with her own original compositions to create ​a tapestry of heartfelt melodies. From sultry ​jazz standards to soulful blues anthems, ​each note she sings resonates with a depth ​of passion and storytelling that sweeps you ​off your feet and transports you to a realm of ​pure musical enchantment. Lose yourself in ​the velvety tones of MS King's voice, and ​you'll find yourself captivated, spellbound, ​and utterly swept away by the magic of her ​artistry.

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Charis the Enchanting Dragonfly Maiden

Nfts on the OpenSea

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The Enchanting Collection

Ms Kings Dragonflykin NFT collection is a tribute to this incredible ​journey and the magical world that emerged from it. Each NFT ​represents one of the sons or daughters of the Dragonfly Kings and ​Queens, their stories woven into the digital fabric of the art. These ​characters are not only visually stunning but are also imbued with the ​spirit of transformation and resilience that defined the family's journey.

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